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Travel Companion – by Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islam


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Allāh Subhanahu wa ta’ala takes an oath upon time in the Holy Qur’ān, “By the token of time! Indeed mankind is at loss, except those who believe and do good deeds…” (103:1-3) The fact that Allāh Subhanahu wa ta’ala took an oath upon time signifies its great importance and value. A truly priceless commodity that never returns!

The beauty of this book is that it enables a person on any journey, small or distant or simply at home, to utilise their spare time to read and benefit from an exciting and vast collection of important and interesting Islamic topics and lessons. Written in simple and easy to read text, this book will immensely benefit both the newly interested person in Islām and the inquiring mind of a student expanding upon their existing knowledge. Inspiring reminders from the Holy Qur’ān and the blessed words of our beloved Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam beautifies each topic and will illuminate the heart of the reader.

The ending pages of the book include letters and messages sent to Al-Mu’min Magazine, from people all over the UK and abroad. These amazing letters and messages will be an enjoyable read for all!!