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The Mercy of Allah – by Shaykh Mufti Saiful Islam


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The sūrah in which this book is written about is called Sūrah Mu’min – the believer, which is taken from the story of an individual who believed in Allāh subhanahu wa ta’ala, whilst among a disbelieving nation.  Despite the tense and dangerous situation he was in, he eventually declared his faith and was protected by Allāh subhanahu wa ta’ala from all harm. Those who have tawakkul (faith) in Allāh subhanahu wa ta’ala are those who will be successful in this life and the Ᾱkhirah.

Success and riches in this world will not save a person in the Hereafter if they fail to take heed of guidance like we see in the examples given in this sūrah. Believing in Allāh I during the throes of death, or when the punishment was descending upon them was of no avail. The disbelievers will find themselves at an utter loss. May Allāh I save us all. Ᾱmīn.

  • Pages: 205
  • Paperback