Bakhoor Oud Ansaam 60g Bukhoor (Incense Air Freshener) By Ard Al Zafaran


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Olfactory notes: The irresistible oriental incense blends energising notes of musk, floral, oud, sandalwood and aromatic notes to create a bold fragrance.

Bakhoor is the Arabic name given to scented bricks or a blend of traditional natural ingredients, mainly wood chips. These scented chips are burned with charcoal or incense burners to fragrance home and clothing with a rich and thick fragrance. Bakhoor Oud scented wood, enriched with fine essence and fragrant. When burning incense on charcoal, the fragrances are released and diffuse a pleasant and relaxing fragrance.

How to use: Burn a charcoal disc in the Bakhoor burner until it glows. Then put small pieces of Bakhoor powder or wood chips on the bright charcoal. Let the scented smoke fill the air in the room but not too much.

Bakhoor Oud Ansaam Muattar is packaged in a 60g pack which is very easy to put on the burner.