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Al-Emam 4 Piece Perfume Gift Set (4 x 50ml Extrait de Parfum)


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Indulge in the Al-Emam collection, a quartet of perfumes that are as nuanced as captivating. Each 50ml bottle offers a unique olfactory journey, crafted to stir the senses and leave a lasting impression.

  • Baraka S Oud: Step into the luxurious embrace of Baraka S Oud, where the noble Damasus Rose and delicate violet meet. A warm heart of vanilla and amber sets the stage for the deep, resonant notes of oud and benzoin, creating an opulent and enigmatic scent.
  • Baraka Gentle Rose: The elegance of Baraka Gentle Rose is revealed in its harmonious blend of the classic rose with an intriguing mix of nutmeg, vanilla, and coriander seeds. The freshness of juniper is beautifully grounded by amber woods and musk, resulting in a fragrance that encapsulates tradition and contemporary charm.
  • Baraka Grand Amber: With Baraka Grand Amber, experience the richness of tonka bean and vanilla amber intertwined with the resinous warmth of benzoin and the soft touch of labdanum. This amber-centric fragrance exudes sophistication and a timeless allure.
  • Baraka Rouge 540: Baraka Rouge 540 is a testament to modernity, featuring the cutting-edge clarity of Ambroxan and the airy note of Hedione, spiced with precious saffron. It is a fragrance that confidently asserts itself, designed for those not afraid to stand out.

This collection is more than an assortment of fragrances; it is an anthology of sensory stories waiting to be unveiled. Each bottle is a distinct expression of artistry, inviting you to explore a world where scent translates into freedom and elegance. Whether given as a gift or cherished for personal use, the Al-Emam set celebrates fine perfumery.