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A Handbook of Spiritual Medicine (Paperback)


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This spiritual guide to the self is a handbook of tazkiyah or ‘self-purification’. Not only does it illustrate the maladies of the human spiritual condition, it recognises the struggles and insecurities we all succumb to from time to time, and offers up the remedies too. The antidotes to our ailments are drawn from Qur'ānic verses and authentic ahādīth (Prophetic sayings), inspiring mindfulness of the Almighty Cherisher (swt) and His Beloved Prophet (saw).

This guide book, drawing on the 11th and 12th Century works of the 'Proof of Islam' and wondrous sage, Imam Abu Hamid Muhammad Al-Ghazali (ra), can be applied to our busy lives in the modern, hi-tech era, and will prove accessible to people of all ages, all denominations: believers and non-believers alike.

“The ‘Handbook of Spiritual Medicine’ is to be commended as a clear presentation of the science of internal purification in a format which enables easy access to symptoms of spiritual illnesses and their cures. This is all the more important as many maladies that plague the modern world in essence emanate from the spiritual maladies within our own collective 'selves' and communities."

Shaykh Zaqir, Director of Darul Arkam Educational Trust

This paperback is light, compact and easily transportable. Something for yourself or a special other, embossed in gold foil on the front and back covers.